Children’s Book - The Magic in You

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Bailey Imlach, the founder of Junk Drawer Digest, has worked hard to live more authentically and to finally create and share the things that make her heart go "pitter-patter."

She is a mishmash of interests and craves new experiences, hobbies, and knowledge from every subject and spectrum.

She has an undeniable pursuit of connecting to true herself and, in turn, finding her purpose and making a positive impact in the lives of others.

One of the many endeavours she has discovered over the years is her love of writing and connection to people through words.

Her children's book, The Magic in You, poured out of her. The deeply rooted belief in the importance of imagination is a theme in this story and her everyday life. As an almost 30-year-old, she plans to never lose that bit of magic within herself.

Bailey is currently on mat leave as she became a new mom in 2022. Bailey and her husband have been entirely and irrevocably consumed by their sweet baby girl. Tiny humans truly are the purest form of magic and love.

In the winter months, you can find Bailey sipping tea and red wine, cozied up in her house playing guitar and singing, writing, pulling tarot cards, and manifesting her hopes and dreams.

In the warmer Saskatchewan months, you can find her doing all the same things, but she tends to be outdoors. You can find her out in the hills for walks or drives, admiring native grasses and flowers, finding treasures and pretty rocks, spending time at her "Shack"- a converted ice-fishing shack parked out in the pasture where there isn't much cellphone service. Here she writes, picks wild sage, and quiets her mind. She has a bond with the earth and a love for mother nature.

Bailey is on a mission to continue self-publishing more of her children's books and growing her intuition and personal blog over on Instagram @junk_drawer_digest.